• [New FW]: Firmware 3.0 for WirelessMedia released!


    WirelessMedia, firmware 3.0 is released !
    FW 3.0 is the most powerful engineer for Wireless AV content sharing industry, than any others !

    It includes 1) Segmented Dual Network; 2) Security Level 1-3; 3) Windows 10 extended Desktop; 4) White Board & Annotation.

    Segmented Dual Network, enables WMB1 to ride on two segmented network, wireless WI-FI network (normally connected to Guest/untrusted network) and wire LAN network (normally connected to the corporate/trusted network).

    Security Level 1-3, gives a easy way to configure the complex security setting to be three different level, Level 1 for general usage; Level 2 for company security; Level 3 for top or national security. Level 2 and Level 3 adopts AES 256bit encryption and RSA 1024 bit encryption, as globally top encryption ever !

    Windows 10 extended Desktop can support a) up to 4K signal extended desktop of your laptop, especially the new work station lao-top; b) multi-timing setting for the extended desktop; Against the current competitor, who can only support fixed 1080P extended desktop.

    White Board & Annotation can support fasted hand-writing latency, and smooth track.